A bit about me…

If you’ve come this far, odds are you’re probably wondering who on earth I am. Well, the good news is I’m just a regular (ish) person who thought it would be very 21st century to start a website that helps showcase my work.

Then I remembered all the times, and there were many, when I was so totally stumped by a problem that I thought it might be nice to also create this site to help others. Because let’s be honest, if you’ve got a stats/code/tech problem and you ended up on Stackoverflow, you probably had more questions than answers by the end of it.

This wondrous journey started during my PhD (way back in 2014 at St Andrews University) when I had lots data to analyse and, being a lonely PhD student, no idea what tool or statistical model to use. The next 2 years of my life were a crash course in R and stats. Aside from gaining a great understanding of R and ANOVA, that experience taught me how much I loved analysing data more than gathering it. And so I entered the commercial world and discovered a whole host of tools and techniques I’d never even heard of; Python, SQL, Power BI, SAS, Spark – I even played with VBA but thought better of it in the end

The latest chapter in this journey of discovery is machine learning. Now let me preface this bit by saying that I am not and have never considered myself to be a data scientist. It’s a nice buzzword just now, but for my work I don’t need deep learning or computer vision – I need predictive models, algorithms that segment similar groups for marketing purposes, or a classification model that tells me which customers are likely to close their account. So whilst not a pure data scientist, I understand enough to apply these more advanced analytical techniques to my work

So what now? Well, I’ve learned a lot over these last years; I’ve made mistakes, I’ve solved problems, I’ve struggled to find the answers to the problems I’ve faced and I’ve done umpteen dozen online training courses across various topics and technologies. The distilled result of all this experience in these pages, which I hope help budding analysts, geeks, citizen data scientists and anyone else who needs it – it might even help prospective employers! And if the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, drop me an email!