Stock screeners

These are the stock screeners I use to find potential set ups

Golden cross set ups

Ask any 100 traders what the “ideal” set up is and odds are the golden cross will be mentioned by at least half of them. A golden cross is a nicely bullish set up where, typically, the 50 moving average crosses above the 200 moving average. To find potential set ups, I use the below setting in Trading View

Golden Cross screener using simple moving averages
Golden Cross screener using exponential moving averages

Golden cross spin offs

I call these spin offs, because they use the same principal of finding a bullish set up of a faster moving average crossing above a slower moving average. I use exponential and simple moving averages; for shorter term trades (typically no longer than a couple of days, or day trading) I use the 5 and 20, for trades that might last a few days/weeks I use the 10 and 50

10 ema crossing 50 ema
5 ema crossing 20 ema